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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I request an appointment with Dr MacDougal?
    You can request an appointment by calling our rooms on 02 9997 6366 or by completing an enquiry form on our website
  • What should I bring to my Appointment?
    You will be sent a confirmation letter which details what you will need to bring to your appointment.

    You will also receive a patient details form to be completed and returned prior to your appointment.

    You can send this form back by mail, fax or email.

    If you wish to complete this paperwork on the day of your appointment please let the office know and arrange to arrive 15 mins earlier.
  • Do I have to pay for my appointment on the day of consultation?
    Yes, most patients will be required to pay on the day of service.

    Dr MacDougal offers discounts for those patients on a full aged pension.

    Our office will submit your paid account to Medicare on your behalf for your convenience.

    Our office will direct bill Veterans Affairs for all eligible repatriation patients.

    WorkCover patients will receive a paid tax invoice to present to their insurer for reimbursement.
  • What do I need to do if I require surgery?
    There will be various forms to be completed for your hospital admission.

    Dr MacDougal has operating rights at North Shore Private Hospital, The Mater Private Hospital and Mater Clinic Theatres.

    One of our lovely ladies will take you through this step by step.

    You will receive an estimate of fees for Dr MacDougal as well as the Assistant Surgeon.

    When you have decided on a date for your surgery you will be sent the contact details of the Specialist Anaesthetist so you can gain an estimate for his fees.

    Dr MacDougal and his team of specialists have been working together for more than 15 years and are highly trained Medical Practitoners.

    Your procedure will be performed in its entirety by Dr MacDougal with the assistance of his Assistant Surgeon and Nursing team.

    Dr MacDougal does not use Fellows or Surgeons in training.
  • What happens when I go home from Hospital?
    Generally you will be in Hospital for 1-2 nights following your surgery. Some patients will stay up to 5nights.

    When you get home you will need to rest and complete the daily exercises you have been given at the hospital.

    You will see Dr MacDougal 6-8 days after your surgery in either Mona Vale rooms or St Leonard’s rooms.

    At this appointment Dr MacDougal will look at your wound site, remove any sutures, and discuss the rehabilitation program you will need to undertake.

    You will be given a referral to a Physiotherapist who will then become responsible for your rehabilitation.

    Please remember that your General Practioner has a vital role to play in your post-surgical health.

    Your General Practioner will be kept up to date via regular reports from Dr MacDougal and is part of your ongoing professional health team.
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